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Mastering the 7th Grade OCCT in World Geography

Program Description:

Mastering the 7th Grade Oklahoma Core Curriculum Social Studies Test in World Geography provides the most effective strategies to help students who are learning or reviewing material for the Oklahoma Social Studies Test. The materials in this book are based on the testing standards as published by the Oklahoma Department of Education and adhere to Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests. This book contains several sections including a complete Social Studies Diagnostic Test and Evaluation Chart to pinpoint strengths and identify areas of greater challenge, comprehensive chapters that teach essential strategies, skills, and concepts that are emphasized on the exam, from studying geographical concepts to major natural resources, as well as two practice Social Studies tests. Included in the Mastering the 7th Grade OCCT in World Geography GEAR Learning Program are student workbooks, a teacher answer key, and an e-book for classroom display (student e-books also available). 


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