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What We Do

American Book Company (ABC) has been creating educational resources for over sixteen years, and our writers and curriculum specialists have decades of total teaching experience. We have worked with students at every level—from kindergarten through middle school, as well as from high school to college and teacher prep.

Each of our state-specific test preparation books is tailored to your state education board's standards and objectives. We take pride in writing books that are accurate, effective, easy to read, enjoyable for teachers, and engaging for students.

Our books and software are each specially designed to help students prepare and review for individual state exit exams, state assessments, and graduation tests. We also publish materials based on state content standards for concept and skill development in math, reading, language arts, science, social studies, and writing.

What Others Said

Emily Rash, a Mathematics Teacher in Monroe, LA, says that our Passing the LEAP books correlate perfectly with the LEAP GEE Exit Exams. Among her students, 75 percent had previously failed the math portion of the exam. She writes that the students studied with our workbooks, "EVERYONE PASSED!"

D'Lane McMillin, K-12 District Math Curriculum Coordinator for Desert Sands Unified School District in CA, wrote, "Your Passing the California Algebra 1 State Exam book is exactly what we needed for our students. It is tailor-made for the California state standards. It also includes quality prerequisite skill materials necessary for student success in Algebra."